The Justice Snapshot of Somaliland was produced by the Governance and Justice Group (GJG) and Justice Mapping working with and through Transparency Solutions (TS).

The data were collected under the auspices and supervision of a Justice Snapshot Steering Committee (JSSC). The JSSC members are nominated by their principals in each institution. The JSSC approved the workplan presented by the research team. They assisted and advised on the data collection. They validated the cleaned data for publication and they commented on and approved the final Justice Snapshot. The Justice Snapshot members are:

  • Barkhad Omar, Director Planning, Attorney-General’s Office
  • Mohamed Abdilaahi, Region Director, Ministry of Justice
  • Mawlid Dahir, Custodial Corps
  • Mohammed Yusuf, Reform Coordinator, Police

TS is directed by Latif Ismail. The research team in Somaliland was supervised by Asma Saeed and Mustafe Elmi. TS trainers who led the training of the research teams with the support of the GJG team were: Muna Yusuf and Abdirahman Mustaf.

The TS research team comprised the following:

  • Hussein Jibriil Taani
  • Abdifatah Ali Habbane 
  • Mukhtar Sh. Hassan Ismail 
  • Khadar Abdi Khaire 
  • Mohamed Farah Guleed 
  • Mohamed Ismail Elmi 
  • Nuradin Abdirizak Mohamed 
  • Mohamed Abdilahi Farah
  • Amel Saed Ismail 
  • Abdikarim Salad Hersi
  • Barwaaqo Abdi Mohamed 
  • Ahmed Mohamed Abdirahman

The GJG and Justice Mapping would like to thank all the above, as well as the following individuals in Hargeisa for their time:

  • The Minister of Justice, Mr Mustafe Mohamoud Ali Bile
  • Hon. Adem H. Ali Ahmed, Chief Justice, Republic of Somaliland
  • Hon. Hassan Ahmed Adem, Attorney General, Republic of Somaliland
  • Hon. Abdirahman Sheikh Hassan Ismail, DG of Ministry of Justice, Republic of Somaliland
  • Gen. Moh’ed Aden Saqadhi, Police Force Commissioner. Republic of Somaliland
  • Mr Ahmed Awale Yuusuf, Custodial Corps Commissioner
  • Mr. Dayib Moh’ed Nur, Advisor, Supreme Court, Republic of Somaliland
  • Mr Moh’med Barud Ali, Chairman Executive Director, Somaliland National Human Rights Commission
  • Mr. Abdisamad Saed Hassan, Executive Director, Somaliland National Human Rights Commission
  • Mr Moh’moud Yusuf Ali, IDP Director, National Refugee and Displacement Agency.

In addition, the GJG would like to thank the various members of the UN family who provided valuable input into the design and content of the Justice Snapshot.
They include:

  • Rose Foran, SDG 16 monitoring cell, UNDP
  • Tommy Stahl, UN Police adviser
  • Annette Warman and Josefine Pettersson, Prison mentors, UNODC
  • Alice Marie Ngezahayo, Corrections Adviser, UNSOM ROLSIG Hargeisa
  • Zafar Gondal, UNDP Rule of Law programme, Hargeisa

Further thanks are due to those who have been working for many years in the justice sector for their advice and assistance. They include:

  • Rakiya Omaar and Caitlin Lambert, The Horizon Institute
  • Latif Ismail, Asma Saeed, Mustafe Elmi, Abdi Rubac, Muna Yusuf, Abdirahman Mustaf of Transparency Solutions

Finally, we thank those who have funded and commissioned this work:

  • Stuart Brown and Helen Knipe, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in the British Office in Hargeisa
  • Tim Lardner, Katrina Aitken-Laird, Zerihun Alemayehu Bikila, Niranga de Silva, UNOPS 

And their advisers at First Call Partners

  • Mark White and his team.